Doctors and scientists agree that everything becomes at least 90% better after adding jazz hands. _______________________________

Hello. I'm Kirsten, and I write things. I am also a lover of owls and a general stuff enthusiast. I'm really not all that interesting. Expect the unexpected (AKA a lot of crap), drop me a line if you're drowning (or just want to talk), and please enjoy your stay.



fed up with w/ so much but my hair’s on the top of the list


fed up with w/ so much but my hair’s on the top of the list


The basics of eye shapes for writers.

My sources are probably better than I am (more photos, longer descriptions), so here they are: [x] [x]

hello friends!

I’m going to be going away for 12 days on a vacation with my family. Because we’re camping and also going pretty far away, I don’t know what the Internet situation is going to be, so it’s possible I’ll be AWOL for awhile. I I tried to fill my queue up with stuff though, so this blog won’t be totally dead. See you all soon! 








I had 3 stitches in my ear today and now my ear is swollen like a balloon

I’m not being racist but if you didnt want your ear to swell up you probably shouldn’t have gotten stitches.

how is that racist

they just said they weren’t being racist do you even listen

of course they can’t hear their ear is swollen up like a ballon

next time someone asks me what tumblr is i’ll show them this post